Monday, 19 August 2013

What is funny about numb?

Someone told me that comedy is only comedy if it has meaning.
I think Simon Amstell hits the nail on the head with underlying messages and dark humour.
I really enjoyed 'Numb' and 'Do Nothing', the first which is on iPlayer at the moment and the second which is on Youtube.
Very very funny.
Though I do wonder about what I find funny. Often the quite wacky (Family Guy), the resigned, brutally honest and hilarious (Peep Show), the 'making-fun-of-public-figures' Have I Got News For You, then silly things like an infectious laugh or sharing old jokes with friends.

It used to be more the blatant and exaggerated (Big Bang Theory) and the silly (The Simpsons) and the mundane made funny (Michael Mcintyre). However they rarely make me crack a smile any more. I guess tastes change as life happens and certain things become much more comic, especially when you've experienced them yourself.

I also think that the atmosphere at a comedy gig might make certain jokes more funny. Isn't it true that laughter is 'infectious'?

I enjoy all kinds of stand up comedy, and particularly like finding new comics that I can relate to, though if it's done badly then it really does make you cringe. I think you'd have to be very self assured to make a living as a comic but I suppose your audience gets used to your humour and knows what to expect!

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