Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Music reviews

Hello blog!

I have been neglecting you for a while. I think that's how it is with blogs - you get a few weeks of inspiration then forget to write for a while.

So I've been catching up with some new music on YouTube recently, getting annoyed with my local radio stations en route to work because of the quantity of inane ads in the middle of the programmes. It's got so bad that I actually thought of before I heard YMCA at a party.

Here's the first song I love at the moment.

1. Kemosabe by Everything Everything

If you haven't heard this already, you need to give it a listen! I love the chord changes. Every time you think his voice can't get any higher, he somehow manages it!
The video is pretty good too. It matches the erratic nature of the song especially at the start. Eerie, but somehow optimistic. This track is always surprising, and I think quite complex compared to some tracks that are out at the moment. I like the unexpected in music.

2. Pompeii, by Bastille is the second song up for review. I really quite liked it the first time I listened to it. But don't over listen to it, because it is quite repetitive and gets old quite quickly. I would turn the radio up if it came on though.


The video is okay. I get what they're trying to do with the dead eyes, but its been done before! Think they've copied Black Mirror! And various music videos.

3. Full Circle by Half Moon Run

I love this track. I know that it has been out a while now but I have to review it because I got recently recommended it. I feel the references are to drugs and/or getting wrapped up in your own head and thoughts. A feeling of inevitability permeates every word.

4. #thatPOWER ft Justin Bieber -

A bit of a joke track really, the video's best bit has gotta be when JB's face appears on a giant billboard, while multiple's dance below him. 

I like the bass and it is definitely dance-able. But also pretty funny. And a little bit creepy, especially with so many Wills. I guess there is something quite eerie in general about power gravitating towards a small group or an individual.

Though, if I could sing and I was on the Voice, I would probably choose Will. I also love Jessie J, so if she chose me I would have a hard decision, especially seeing as she is a female coach. I don't know why I'm even wondering about this as I really can't sing. Apparently you can train yourself to become a better singer though.

Here it is:

On a side note, does the title have reference to JB's number of Twitter followers? ;) 
Or is it all about money and fame? Or power behind the scenes like criminal gangs? 
I think the latter, as power is often in the hands of someone who is not in the public face - so you have a puppet acting on behalf of #thatpower.

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